Hi, I am Sharyl Salmonson.

My name always seems more formal than I am in person. More like, "Hi, I'm Sharyl and I'm a creative junkie. I like bic pens and blue ink. Canon prime lenses and tiny spoons. Trees and frogs and seacows. Oh, and I make funny noise to fill the silence when I get uncomfortable. NICE TO MEET YOU."

Now on a more serious note (ahem) I am a nationally published family and children photographer from Olathe, KS, watercolor painter (etsy.com/shop/artbysharyl) and digital WIZARD in Photoshop. I picked up my first Canon camera in 2009 and haven't looked back career-wise! My ease at capturing your pictures come from years of learning how to see the light bend around people, and composing the images in the best possible way and at the last second bringing in the emotions- whether that be making you fake laugh until you REALLY snort or something more calm and relaxed and posed with just the right amount of cheesiness.

I'm also weird. Have you picked up on that yet? I don't mind. I'm used to me. You can see all the weirdness by clicking the conceptual tab and just so you know- I LOVE clients willing to get weird with me!

Go click around and enjoy my space,

Peace & Pictures


“This was the most relaxing, incredibly quick, and fabulously talented family photography experience ever! I swear it was like 10 minutes and Sharyl took away more great shots than the ones shown here. Who gets a teenager and a young German Shepherd, who is crazy, to look at the camera? Sharyl does. We highly recommend you grab your family and go for this great deal! We love her!

“These photos are pure Sarah, and all the things we love about her shine through them. Beyond all that, Sharyl is professional, prompt, and wonderful to work with, because she works collaboratively with you. Her shoots are fun, her product is beyond stunning, and while her prices are very reasonable, I think I still would have chosen her even if she had charged more. Believe me, she's worth every penny. I will not hesitate to use her again for any future events in our lives, and would enthusiastically recomm”

Sydnie & Sadie

“I absolutely loved working with Sharyl, she made the entire experience so fun and effortless. She has a magical way with children”

“Sharyl has been so sweet to work with! We couldn’t believe how many great photos we had to choose from! Both my husband and I had a great experience and my little daughters loved her!”